Bucket list

  1. Have my own photography exhibition
  2. Backpack through Europe   [November 2015]
  3. Backpack through Africa
  4. Backpack through India
  5. Be an au pair   [January - March 2014, Berlin]
  6. Learn to play a guitar
  7. Live in Berlin   [December 2013 - April 2014]
  8. Live in Amsterdam
  9. Learn to snowboard
  10. Do a Jim Morrison tattoo
  11. Cut my hair short
  12. Shave my head
  13. Make a movie
  14. Learn new lenguage (s)
  15. Go to the opera
  16. Write a book
  17. Celebrate birthday abroad
  18. Get a photo published in National Geographic
  19. Visit Alaska
  20. Visit Thailand
  21. Visit Sri Lanka
  22. Go to Bruce Springsteen concert
  23. Go to U2 concert
  24. Hitchhike for the first time outside od Slovenia   [February 2014, Wroclaw - Berlin]
  25. Go to Oktoberfest
  26. Go to Rio Carnival
  27. Go to Festival of Cultures in Berlin
  28. Go to Festival of colours
  29. Go to Loy Krathong (sky lantern festival) in Thailand
  30. Live in Barcelona
  31. Spend Christmas/New Year in Australia/New Zealand
  32. Learn to play drums
  33. Build a treehouse
  34. Sing at a live karaoke
  35. Earn money with street performance
  36. See the northern lights
  37. Visit Jim Morrison's grave in Paris
  38. Learn to kitesurf
  39. Invent a cocktail
  40. Try bungee jumping
  41. Try skydiving
  42. Sew my own clothes
  43. Get a truck licence
  44. Get a motorcycle licence
  45. Do a roadtrip with a motorcycle
  46. Travel to all continents
  47. Go to all European football derbies
  48. Climb Triglav
  49. Ride in a helicopter
  50. Live in Australia
  51. Adopt a dog from animal shelter
  52. Go horseback riding
  53. Travel with a Trans-Siberian Express from Moscow to Bejing
  54. Swim in lake Bled (at the night)
  55. Learn to cook traditional dish from every country I live
  56. Have sex on the beach
  57. Open my own pastry shop
  58. Do a Balkan roadtrip
  59. Do a roadtrip through USA
  60. Visit all amusement parks in Europe
  61. Visit all amusement parks in USA
  62. Live in Japan
  63. Attend a beach bonfire
  64. Throw a theme party
  65. Take a cruise
  66. Go on a safari
  67. Live close to the airport
  68. Find all the dwarfs in Wroclaw  
  69. Learn to shoot
  70. Party in Tijuana
  71. Get picked up at the airport by someone with a sign with my name on it
  72. Work in an orphanage
  73. Get TEFL certified
  74. Be a mom
  75. Live in Bombay
  76. Live in Russia
  77. Live in Poland
  78. Watch the sun set and sun rise in one night
  79. Plant a garden
  80. Act in a movie
  81. Finnish a 24,000 pieces puzzle
  82. Donate blood
  83. Ride a camel through a desert
  84. Go surfing in California
  85. Go hiking for at least a week with a tent and without cell phone
  86. See al 7 wonders of the world
  87. Attend a Cinco de Mayo celebration
  88. Visit Martina, a village in Switzerland
  89. Ceate my family tree back for as long as possible
  90. Walk Parenzana, from Trieste to Poreč (123km)
  91. Attend an Indian wedding
  92. Swim in the Baltic sea (not in summer)
  93. Hike the Kungsleden - The King's Trail (450km)
  94. Hike the Slovenian Mountain Trail (500km)

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